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Thoughts about the future of finance and foreign currency transfer.

McKinsey: Corporates Need Faster Payments

By Tim Strube on

Corporate clients are becoming aware of recent innovations in payment platforms and seeking upgrades to their cross-border payments. While enjoying low-cost, real-time domestic payments they are contrasted with their experience of costly, days-long cross-border transactions. Bottom line: corporates expect better more »

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Ripple vs the 600 year old correspondent banking system

By Tim Strube on

Currently, cross-border payments go through the 600-year-old correspondent banking system, facilitated by SWIFT messages. This requires getting 6 players linked up – payer, payer’s bank, payer’s bank’s correspondent, beneficiary bank’s correspondent, beneficiary bank, oh - and beneficiary, more »

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FlashFX Goes Live

By Tim Strube on

FlashFx has launched its highly anticipated lean high-performance foreign exchange transfer payment service that safely, efficiently and reliably provides users with a better customer experience compared to the opaque, siloed and inefficient banking networks. Built on a common global infrastructure more »

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US Regulator Will Start Issuing Bank Charters for Fintech Firms

By Tim Strube on

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency will allow upstarts to become ‘special purpose national banks’ Firms offering online loans, smartphone payments and other financial technology products would get new flexibility to expand and further shake up the U.S. more »

Blockchain technology: Is the banking sector ready for FinTech?

By Tim Strube on

This first in a series of articles debating how fintech is shaping the financial services industry, covers the path to production for blockchains in UK banks, setting out where we are currently at, before exploring some of the high-level challenges more »

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What Treasurers Should Know: Fintech Disruption

By Tim Strube on

The shape of treasury management is changing with the rise of disruptive technologies, like blockchain, real-time payments and Big Data. To inform corporate treasurers of the changing landscape, the banks, SAP and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) have more »

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Migrants sent over $500 billion home last year.

By Tim Strube on

There are now 244 million people living in a country other than the one they were born in, according to migration figures from the United Nations. Many of those people went overseas to find work, leaving their families behind. For more »

KPMG: Future Bright for Next-Generation Payment Solutions

By Tim Strube on

Professional services giant KPMG and venture capitalist database CB Insights published “The Pulse of Fintech,” a report looking back over the biggest moments in Q3 of 2016. The focus is on trends and highlights in fintech funding during this action-packed more »

How traditional banks should invest in and benefit from fintech startups

By Tim Strube on

The proliferating array of fintech startups is putting pressure on financial services incumbents because these disruptors are providing innovative, consumer-oriented solutions. Their solutions “unbundle” the traditional architecture of financial products and services offered by existing institutions, and instead target specific more »

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Why would you invest in fintech?

By Tim Strube on

Grant Halverson, chief executive of McLean Roche Consulting and a former financial services multinational CEO and financial technology CEO writes in ANZ's Blue Notes Blog It’s now nine years since ‘fintech’, the buzz term for financial technology start-ups, entered more »

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Fintech attractive to the financial sector

By Tim Strube on

Brexit may have dampened appetite for full-scale M&As but fintech's ability to cut costs is a boon in the face of Brexit uncertainty. The appetite for fintech investment by financial services companies looks set to continue over the more »

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Banks behaving badly are losing trust

By Tim Strube on

Banks behaving badly are back in the headlines. Yesterday, the ACCC filed action against Macquarie and ANZ for attempted cartel behaviour on the foreign exchange market in Singapore. Australia's number one investment bank Macquarie Group and top corporate lender Australia more »

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10 Travel Tips for Students Who Have Never Studied Abroad

By Tim Strube on

Deciding to partake in this journey is half the battle, one you have already won. In case you are starting to feel pre-departure jitters, here are some tips to help calm your nerves and have a grasp on your adventure more »

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What the average bank does not want you to know about foreign exchange

By Tim Strube on

Welcome to Big Bank FX money transfers. Learn about the ugly truth when sending money overseas... and what you can do about it. Now there is a much better way to send exchange and send international transfers. In the meantime, more »

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Cashing out: Sweden could be the first country to issue 'digital currency'

By Tim Strube on

Swedish central bank Riksbank is exploring the idea of a 'digital currency'. The system could save tourists a trip to the currency exchange desk. Sweden is seeing a huge decline in the use of traditional notes and coins. Read the more »

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Fintech impacts global payments

By Tim Strube on

Dan Barnes writes in Raconteur that competition to provide cross-border payments is heating up, presenting businesses with a confusing range of options. Danny Aranda, managing director of Ripple Europe said “If you look at many innovations over the past 20 more »

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Dollar Pushes to New Highs—With New Risks

By Tim Strube on

The Wall Street Journal reports that the dollar extended its powerful rally, spurring central banks in developing countries to take steps to stabilize their own currencies and threatening to create headwinds for the long-running U.S. expansion. AUD/USD has more »

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Guy Debelle's mission to clean up world's biggest market

By Tim Strube on

Everyone in the foreign exchange markets knew the code. "A large Asian central bank is buying," meant intervention by the People's Bank of China. "A big Australian mining company wants $500," was an order by BHP Billiton for US dollars, more »

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Three banks settle Canadian foreign exchange class-action

By Tim Strube on

UBS, BNP-Paribas and Bank of America will pay $16 million and provide information to Canadian investors who lost money in the benchmark rigging scandal. The lawsuit against the remaining banks, which is the first “benchmark rigging” case in Canada, seeks more »

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Start-up State’s Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

By Jessica Steiger-Thorpe on

In NSW schools when kids share what they want to be when they grow up, what do they say? A fireman, a doctor or a zookeeper are popular options. What a contrast then, with ‘Start-up’ states like Israel where a more »

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